San Francisco Planning works with a range of contractors and grantees to help balance the needs of residents, businesses, and civic leaders to protect the environment and historical resources, create inspiring and livable urban spaces, cultivate neighborhood resilience, and enforce good land use practices.

Check out our open contracting and bid opportunities below.

Open Contracting & Bid Opportunities

None at this time.

Closed Contracts & Bids

Bid Number Bid Title Closed Date
RFP CW20-01 Professional services for ADU Incentives Program – Pilot Assessment Phase 02/04/20
RFP CW19-02  Professional services for an organization to staff and coordinate a community-led planning process in District 4. 01/13/20

Informal Bid for Comprehensive Survey Methodology for Intangible Cultural Heritage Assets


Addendum #1 - Questions and Answers


As-Needed Consultant Services for Environmental, Transportation, Historic Resources, and Archaeological Review

Addendum #1 - Questions and Answers

CP17-01 RFP for Civic Center Public Space Design  
CP16-08 RFP for Assessing Affordability in the Existing Housing Stock in San Francisco  
CP16-05 Change Notice - RFQ for Pool of As-Needed Planning
Consulting Services
CP16-02 Request for Proposals for Record Digitization Services  
CP16-03 Request for Proposals for Affordable Housing Incentive Program in Mission and other Area Plans: Design, Market & Feasibility Analysis  
CP15-030 Request for Proposals for Central Waterfront-Dogpatch Public Realm Plan  
CP15-025  Art Program Facilitation Services Grant  
CP15-021 Request for Qualifications for As-Needed Consultant Services for Environmental, Transportation, Historic Resources, and Archeological Review  
CP15-023 Request for Proposals for the Baseline Shadow Analysis  
CP15-022 Informal Bid for Public Space Stewardship and Management Guide  
CP14-018 Request for Proposals for the Bayshore Station Location Study  
CP14-020 Central SOMA Eco-District Governance Structure  
CP13-016 Residential Development New Construction: Digital Modeling and Financial Feasibility Analysis  

Railyard Alternatives and I-280 Boulevard Feasibility Study

RFP document

CP13-014 Portsmouth Square Area Existing Conditions and Feasibility Report