In response to the goals and ongoing community input, an Area Plan was created for each neighborhood. Area Plans become a part of the city's General Plan and guide the long-term development of an area, responding to its unique characteristics by addressing issues around housing, jobs, transportation, parks and other neighborhood elements that contribute to creating complete neighborhoods.

The Plans generally contain the following sections:

  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Built Form
  • Community Facilities
  • Land Use
  • Streets and Open Space
  • Transportation
  • Historic Resources

Each Area Plan articulates a holistic vision for a neighborhood, by promoting areas that are transit, bicycle and pedestrian friendly, by strengthening and encouraging vibrant neighborhood-serving commercial areas; by providing and maintaining community facilities and open space to ensure neighborhood livability and by increasing both the supply and variety of housing for residents, with emphasis on affordable housing.

Implementation Plans

The following Plans build on the Eastern Neighborhoods and define community benefits and infrastructure projects in the Eastern Neighborhoods: