San Francisco is a highly desirable place to live. Its housing market has a seemingly infinite demand, currently amid a historically unprecedented housing affordability crisis. The continuing high cost of housing in San Francisco amplifies the need for providing affordable housing to all household income levels, especially low and very low-income levels. 

San Francisco Planning has several programs designed to create new affordable housing, protect the existing housing supply, and encourage higher levels of affordability to ensure San Francisco remains an inclusive community with economic sustainability, diversity, and high quality of life.


Housing Affordability Strategy

The Housing Affordability Strategy will help City staff, policymakers, and the public evaluate how our housing policies and plans work together to address housing affordability for our diverse population.

Community Stabilization

The Community Stabilization project is an inter-agency effort to provide City agencies, decision-makers and the public the comprehensive analysis and tools they need to make strategic decisions to stabilize vulnerable populations as San Francisco changes.