San Francisco is a highly desirable place to live. Its housing market has a seemingly infinite demand, currently amid a historically unprecedented housing affordability crisis. The continuing high cost of housing in San Francisco amplifies the need for providing affordable housing to all household income levels, especially low and very low-income levels. 

San Francisco Planning has several programs designed to create new affordable housing, protect the existing housing supply, and encourage higher levels of affordability to ensure San Francisco remains an inclusive community with economic sustainability, diversity, and high quality of life.


San Francisco Housing Needs and Trends Report

The Housing Needs and Trends Report is an effort by the Planning Department to better understand San Francisco’s housing stock and how it serves the city’s residents. It analyzes broad trends impacting housing demand and supply across the city and region. 

Housing Balance Report

On April 25, 2015, the Board of Supervisors passed Ordinance No. 53-15 requiring the San Francisco Planning Department to monitor and report bi-annually on the Housing Balance between new market rate housing and new affordable housing production. The Report will track performance toward meeting the goals set forth by Proposition K and the City’s Housing Element.