Last Updated: 08/02/2019

Find My Zoning

Knowing the zoning of a property will clarify what's allowed and what specific limits may apply to a residential or commercial project.

To find the zoning of a property:

  1. Enter an address or Assessor's Block and Lot number (e.g., 0787/001) and click on Search

  2. Once the results appear, select the "Zoning Information" heading to the left of the screen, where information relating to district uses, impact fees, official zoning maps, guidelines and other detailed information and links is provided.

Questions or need help to understand your zoning district? The Planning Information Center is the place to start! 

Business Zoning Check

Visit San Francisco Planning and Symbium’s BUILD for Business zoning check to easily determine whether your proposed business is permitted in a specific location. Don’t have a specific location in mind? You can also search for all areas it’s permitted in San Francisco under applicable zoning regulations and find detailed information on required process and applicable programs.