San Francisco is experiencing increasing income inequality, population growth tied to economic growth, and a lack of affordable housing. These realities are leading to a loss of the middle class and displacement for many communities while the economy booms for others. Housing stock has not kept pace with job growth, pushing prices up for a limited supply of units.

On many fronts, the City is working to address the detrimental impacts of displacement pressures on vulnerable populations and businesses. Yet, the scale of the current challenge is such that the City must expand its efforts to meet the need.;

The Department continues to prioritize its resources to identify and develop programs and strategies that will help address longstanding inequities within zoning and land use in San Francisco and begin to empower underrepresented communities to share their stories and acknowledge their important contributions.

Policies and Strategies Projects

Housing Element

Adopted into the General Plan in January 2023, the Housing Element 2022 Update is San Francisco’s housing strategy for 2022-2030, centered on racial and social equity.

Recovery Strategies

The Recovery Strategies provide immediate and ongoing measures that will help the City promote housing access, job creation, walkable neighborhoods, and address impacts of systemic racism.

Community Stabilization

The Community Stabilization initiative is a multi-agency effort to mitigate the impacts of ongoing displacement and help vulnerable populations thrive and contribute to the City’s economy and culture.