Our communities, buildings, infrastructure, and natural ecosystems are increasingly impacted by the worldwide climate crises. Today’s planning, policy, and project decisions, as well as collective citizen action, are important tools for enhancing sustainable and healthy neighborhoods for everyone in the near term, and safeguarding a high-quality and climate-safe future for San Francisco.

The climate catastrophe is increasing the frequency and intensity of natural hazards. The Bay Area and California is already facing extreme heat waves, hazardous air quality, massive wildfires, coastal and inland flooding, and prolonged drought. The Planning Department is committed to proactive work throughout the city that addresses these challenges while improving equity and affordability, especially for our most vulnerable residents experiencing disproportionate impacts. Working together with partner City agencies and stakeholders, we are helping minimize our collective carbon footprint and ensure growth and development delivers housing and jobs along with community benefits like clean air, nature, and resilience. The near- and longer-term efforts below enhance environmental performance and quality of life, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect people and assets from the unavoidable impacts of climate change. Together we can achieve a healthy, regenerative, and adaptive urban environment for all.

Climate Resilience

Coordinated actions to mitigate risks and  adapt to the unavoidable climate impacts of climate change. 

Sea Level Rise / Waterfront

Efforts to enhance resilience along our ocean coastline and Bay shore while improving the public realm.