The San Francisco Planning Department has made a commitment to racial and social equity a core tenet of our values, culture, and institutional practices.We believe the Department has a responsibility to work toward changing structures and policies in order to achieve racially and socially equitable outcomes in San Francisco.

The Racial and Social Equity Initiative serves as an implementation model for the City and will help to advance racial and social equity within our internal and external work such as hiring, public information, project review, outreach, policies and programs, staff capacity-building, and process improvements.

A large portion of this work focuses on establishing, adopting, and implementing the Department’s Racial and Social Equity Action Plan, including:

  • Assessing the Budget through a Racial and Social Equity Budget Tool: Ensuring budget resources in the Department’s work program are allocated to proactively advance racial and social equity.

  • Impact Analysis: Developing and implementing an impact analysis approach that seeks to overcome racial and social inequities from applicable development projects.

  • Planning Code Audit: Identifying Planning Code provisions or its implementation that may lead to racial and social inequities and identify solutions to overcome them.

  • Historic Preservation: Embedding racial and social equity into cultural resource processes to recognize and strengthen priority populations.

Racial and Social Equity Projects

Racial and Social Equity Action Plan

San Francisco Planning’s Racial and Social Equity Action Plan aims to proactively advance equity in the Department’s internal (Phase 1) and external (Phase 2) work such as community planning, community engagement, policy/laws development, hiring, and process improvements.

Environmental Justice Framework and General Plan Policies

The City’s environmental justice work will set clear goals and actions to advance health in communities of color and low-income communities that face higher concentrations of pollution and other health risks. The Environmental Justice Framework will outline a vision and goals to be incorporated into the City’s General Plan.

Cultural Districts Program

Cultural Districts celebrate and strengthen the unique cultural identities and assets of San Francisco’s neighborhoods.  They serve to help residents and institutions thrive and formalize partnerships between the City and communities.