Remote Hearings

Remote Meetings Due to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, in order to protect the health of our Commissioners, staff, and members of the public, Planning and Historic Preservation Commissions, and the Zoning Variance Hearings, will convene remotely as of April 9, 2020 until further notice. Members of the public are encouraged to participate remotely.

Planning Commission hearings are held weekly on Thursdays at 1:00pm
and Historic Preservation hearings are held biweekly on Wednesdays at 12:30pm
streaming online at SFGovTV or on Cable Channels 26 or 78 *

* See agenda for details – subject to SFGovTV scheduling.

Members of the Commissions, and the Zoning Administrator, will be attending meetings through video conferencing (and by telephone if the infrastructure fails). If you would like to submit public comment for an item on a Commission or Zoning Variance agenda, please follow the Providing Public Comment instructions below.

Providing Public Comment

Please follow these best practices to improve your call: 

  • Call from a quiet location
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Turn down any televisions or radios around you
  • For Planning and Historic Preservation Commissions only: address the Commission as a whole, do not address individual Commissioners
  • No electioneering

Calling-In to a Meeting

  1. DIAL the number listed for the meeting  (415) 655-0001
  2. Enter the Access Code then press #. If prompted for an Attendee ID, just press #.
    The Access Code will change for every meeting.
  3. Stop and LISTEN.
  4. Wait for Public Comment to be announced (by Item # or for General Public Comment).
  5. When the Commission/Hearing Secretary calls Public Comment, press *3 to raise your hand.
  6. Once you raise your hand, you will hear the prompt, “You have raised your hand to ask a question. Please wait to speak until the host calls on you.” If you no longer want to submit public comment, press*3 to lower your hand.
  7. Wait for your turn to speak.
  8. When you hear the prompt, “Your line is unmuted” - THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO PROVIDE YOUR PUBLIC COMMENT.
  9. The Commission/Hearing Secretary will indicate how much time you have to provide your comments. You will be alerted when you have 30 seconds remaining. 
  10. Once your public comment time have ended, you will be moved out of the speaker line and back listening as a participant in the meeting (unless you disconnect).
  11. Participants who wish to speak on other items on the Agenda or for other comment periods may stay on the meeting line and listen for the Commission/Hearing Secretary's next prompt.

(We are working diligently to also provide interpretation services remotely. Please check back with us to get the latest updates on current available services. We appreciate your patience as we aim to resolve the numerous challenges during this health emergency.)

Planning Commission Hearing


Stream on SFgovTV / Public Comment Call-In: (415) 655-0001
Agenda and Access Code are available here.

Historic Preservation Commission Hearing


Stream on SFgovTV / Public Comment Call-In: (415) 655-0001
Agenda and Access Code are available here.


Zoning Variance Hearing

Public Comment Call-In: (415) 655-0001
Agenda, Access Code, and Online Stream Link are available here.