Last Updated: 03/04/2020

Cow Hollow Neighborhood Design Guidelines

Publication date: April 2001

Concern for the visual quality of the neighborhoods gave rise, in part, to the November 1986 voter initiative known as Proposition M which established as a priority policy that existing neighborhood character be conserved and protected. To ensure this, the Neighborhood Conservation Interim Controls were adopted in September 1988, which require the City Planning Department to use residential design guidelines in its review of building permit applications. The Planning Commission in 1989 adopted Citywide Residential Design Guidelines to assist in determining whether a new building, or the expansion of an existing one, is visually compatible with the character of its neighborhood.

The purpose of these Cow Hollow Neighborhood Design Guidelines is to assist in determining whether the renovation or expansion of an existing building, or the construction of a new building, is visually and physically compatible with the neighborhood character of Cow Hollow as defined herein.

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