Last Updated: 05/20/2024

Neighborhood Group Organizations

The City’s Neighborhood Organizations are groups formed by residents, business and property owners who meet regularly and advocate for or organize activities within a neighborhood. These organizations are an important part of the fabric of the City and play a key role in the ongoing effort to make San Francisco a great place for everyone.

How are the Neighborhood Boundaries Determined?

San Francisco neighborhoods are a product of history, geography, and culture and have no official boundaries. However, the Planning Department established 37 distinct neighborhoods in order to implement neighborhood notification requirements that were adopted by the Board of Supervisors in the 1990s. The boundaries of these neighborhoods may not conform to neighborhoods and boundaries defined by other sources.

How Do I Register My Organization?

New groups wishing to register with San Francisco Planning may do so by completing this application:

The PDF version of this form is fillable. To save any text entered in the form, first download it to your computer or network drive (right-click or ctrl-click) then complete and save the file. If you fill out the form using only the browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc) the text is not retained. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer download the latest version here free of charge.
How Do I Update My Organization's Contact Info?

If you are an existing neighborhood organization and need to update your contact information, email

List Registered Neighborhood Organizations

To view a list of the neighborhood groups associated with a particular neighborhood, click on the map below and download the excel spreadsheet containing contact details for all neighborhood groups that have expressed interest in receiving Planning Department notices.

At the bottom of the downloaded excel spreadsheet, you will find a worksheet tab that lists all the neighborhoods in alphabetical order. Click on the arrow pointing right, and the excel sheet will scroll to the other worksheet tabs for the specific neighborhoods that you're looking for. Once you've clicked on the correct neighborhood tab, the list of groups and organizations for that particular area will appear.

Can't see the map? Try going here.

The data behind this map can be downloaded from SanFranciscoData.