Last Updated: 05/11/2020

Pre-Application Meeting

Due to San Francisco’s Public Health Order, we will continue to require the Pre-Application process, but with the following adjustments:

  1. Mail:
    1. Applicants should mail the pre-app notices to adjacent neighbors and neighborhood organizations per usual, but with the addition of a copy of the plans (no smaller than 8.5”x 11”). If no schematic plans exist for the project, that must be indicated on the notice.
    2. Applicants must also e-mail the neighborhood organizations, as physical mail and post office boxes may not be checked at this time. Neighborhood organization email addresses can be found in Column J of the Neighborhood Groups List. If there is no email address provided, standard mail will be considered in compliance.
  2. Meetings: No in-person meetings should be conducted during the Stay Safe at Home Order. The Pre-Application Meeting notice should indicate a day and time period during which the Project Sponsor will be available to take phone calls from interested parties and host a video conference. Sponsors are strongly encouraged to provide either a local phone number or a toll-free phone number. Both telephone and video conferencing options should appear on the notice, understanding that many members of the public will not have video conferencing technology.
  3. Duration: Applicant must continue to follow the 14-day notice period prior to hosting a call and/or virtual meeting. This process must conclude prior to submitting a project with the City.

The Pre-Application (Pre-App) Community Outreach Process is required prior to submitting permits or land use application for projects with certain scopes of work, as outlined below:

  • Projects subject to 311 Notification that include:
    • New Construction;
    • Any vertical addition of 7 feet or more;
    • Any horizontal addition of 10 feet or more;
    • Decks over 10 feet above grade or within the required rear yard;
  • All Formula Retail uses subject to a Conditional Use Authorization;
  • Community Business Priority Processing (CB3P); and
  • Projects in PDR-1-G Districts subject to Section 313.

The Project Sponsor may opt to have a Planning Department Facilitated Pre‐Application Meeting instead of a meeting on or proximate to the proposed project site. 

The PDF version of this form is fillable. To save any text entered in the form, first download it to your computer or network drive (right-click or ctrl-click) then complete and save the file. If you fill out the form using only the browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc) the text is not retained. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer download the latest version here free of charge.

Contact the Planning Information Center (PIC) at 415.558.6377 or for further information or help in the preparation of this item.

Español: Si desea ayuda sobre cómo llenar esta solicitud en español, por favor llame al 415.575.9010. Tenga en cuenta que el Departamento de Planificación requerirá al menos un día hábil para responder. 

中文: 如果您希望獲得使用中文填寫這份申請表的幫助,請致電415.575.9010請 注意,規劃部門需要至少一個工作日來回應。

Tagalog: Kung gusto mo ng tulong sa pagkumpleto ng application na ito sa Filipino, paki tawagan ang 415.575.9010. Paki tandaan na mangangailangan ang Planning Department ng hindi kukulangin sa isang araw na pantrabaho para makasagot.