Environmental Review Officer Hearing

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Stream Online (see event details) - Phone Access: +1 (415) 655-0001 / Access Code: 2493 426 5520 # / Password: 2823 #

Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 emergency, the Environmental Review Officer will conduct this hearing remotely. Additional information about remote hearings may be found on the Department’s website.

Notice is hereby given of consideration for adoption a Community Plan Evaluation Mitigation Monitoring and and Reporting Program (MMRP) for Certain Community Plan Evaluations (CPE). The purpose of the hearing is for the ERO to consider and make findings that feasible programmatic mitigation measures in the project-specific mitigation monitoring and reporting program (MMRP) and CPE will be undertaken by the project. To ensure this, the ERO will consider the MMRP and adopt the MMRP, thereby incorporating them into the conditions of project approval. The adoption of the MMRP is not an approval action for the project, and there is no appeal process for adoption of the MMRP or Findings made at this hearing.

2021-003928ENV: 250 De Haro Street – The proposed project would demolish an existing vacant 41,200-square-foot, two-story commercial building constructed in 1952 and construct a new 176,165-square-foot, five-story-over-basement building that would contain 172,665 square feet of laboratory use, 3,500 square feet of ground floor retail use, basement-level parking for 99 vehicles and 15 bicycles, and 6,890 square feet of shared common open space on the fifth-floor lower roof deck. For further information, call Jeanie Poling at (628) 652-7559, or via e-mail at jeanie.poling@sfgov.org and ask about Case No. 2021-003928ENV.

Instructions for Remote Public Comment

Phone number: +1 (415) 655-0001
Access Code: 2493 426 5520 #
Password: 2823 #

Note: the Access Code and Password will change for each hearing.

  1. Call phone number, enter Access Code, then press # (pound)
  2. Enter Password, then press # (pound)
  3. Stop and listen
  4. Wait for Public Comment to be announced (by Item Number or for General Public Comment)
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  7. Wait for you turn to speak
  8. When you hear the prompt: "You are being asked to unmute yourself. To unmute, press * 6" (star 6)
  9. When you hear "you're unmuted" that is your indication to begin speaking.

Link to WebEx

Note: the link will change for each hearing.

  1. Click on above hyperlink "Link to WebEx"
  2. Enter your First and Last name, plus email address
  3. Stop and listen
  4. Wait for Public Comment to be announced (by Item Number or for General Public Comment)
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  1. The Commission Secretary will indicate how much time you have to provide your comments – you will be alerted when you have 30 seconds remaining.
  2. Once your public comment time have ended, you will be moved out of the speaker line and back to listening as a participant (unless you disconnect).
  3. Participants who wish to speak on other items on the Agenda, or for other comment periods, may stay on the meeting line and listen for the Commission/Hearing Secretary's next prompt.
If you no longer want to comment
Press * 3 (star 3) to lower your hand Click "raise hand" icon again