News December 21, 2022

Planning Commission Recommends Adoption of the Housing Element 2022 Update

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On December 15, 2022 the San Francisco Planning Commission voted to recommend the adoption of the final draft of the Housing Element 2022, and to adopt the related amendments to the Air Quality, Commerce & Industry, Environmental Protection, and the Urban Design Elements to the City's General Plan.  

San Francisco Planning revised the Housing Element 2022 Update to reflect the comments and approvals received from the Planning Commissioners, community members, the Board of Supervisors and the feedback from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in order to fulfill the requirements for compliance with State law.

Feedback from the December 15th Planning Commission hearing is reflected in the following Actions of the Implementing Program: 1.2.6, 1.3.3, 8.1.5, 8.1.6, and 8.1.10.

The final draft of the plan also includes policies and programs that express the city’s collective vision and values for the future of housing in San Francisco. These were developed in collaboration with community organizations, members of the public, and sister city agencies. 

To view the Housing Element 2022 Adoption packet, including the staff memo to the Planning Commission and an executive summary of the plan, please visit:

If you missed the December 15 hearing, you can view the recording on SFGovTV here:

Building a housing plan for all San Franciscans has required for all of those actively involved to participate in challenging conversations and find a way to build a citywide plan that addresses the needs of our most vulnerable residents, redresses the harms from the past and tackles our housing challenges, while satisfying State law.

San Francisco Planning acknowledges that any strides this plan makes in advancing racial and social equity is the direct result of years of organizing from American Indian, Black, Latino, Filipino, Japanese and other communities of color, low-income communities, and the Land Back Movement and the Black Lives Matter movement. The adoption of final draft of the Housing Element 2022 Update by the Planning Commission is an important step towards social equity and creating inclusive and thriving communities in San Francisco.