Interim Controls Archive

Interim Zoning Controls are adopted by the Board of Supervisors typically without a hearing at the Planning Commission or a formal analysis by the Planning Department. They are not incorporated into the Planning Code but nonetheless carry the full weight of law until such time as they expire or are terminated by action of the Board of Supervisors.

To look up the details of any of the items below, please visit the online Legislative Research Center of the City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors and search using the Board File number.

This list is not warranted as complete, particularly with respect to entries prior to 2015. Current Code Change Summaries and Interim Controls can be found here.

Code Summary Board File # Adopted Ordinance Effective Date End Date
Interim Zoning Controls for Residential Hotel Conversion 160599 Resolution 07/29/16 01/29/18
Planning Commission : Mission 2016 Interim Zoning Controls   Resolution No. 19548 01/14/16 04/14/17
UPDATED: Interim Controls: Large Residential Projects in RH-1, RH-2, and RH-3 Zoning Districts 150192 160989 No. 0076-15 03/20/15 03/20/17 (6mo extension)
Interim Controls: CU Requirement for All Residential Mergers 150532 No. 0247-15 07/03/15 01/03/17
Interim Controls: CU Requirement for MCDs in the Four Sunset NCDs 150412 No. 0022-15 05/15/15 11/15/16
PDR Conversion in the Proposed Central South of Market Plan Area 140735 No. 0210-14 10/09/14 10/08/16
Extended - Interim Prohibition on Commercial Mergers in the Proposed Calle 24 Special Use District 150972 No. 0199-15 11/10/15 09/02/16
Interim Controls: CU Required for Limited Financial Services, and Business and Professional Services in the NCT-3 District along Market St. west of Octavia Blvd. 150037 No. 0041-15 02/20/15 08/20/16
Interim Zoning Controls - Castro Street NCD Formula Retail Controls 140736 No. 0238-14 07/08/14 07/16/16 (6mo extension)
Interim Controls: Building Permits for Commercial Uses in an Area Bounded by Market, 2nd, Brannan, and Division Streets, and South Van Ness Avenue 150584 No. 0061-15 03/15/15 03/15/16
Interim Zoning Controls New Ground Floor Office Uses Facing 2nd St., from King and Folsom St. 141006 No. 0402-14 11/07/14 05/07/16
Interim Zoning Controls - Office Conversion in Landmark Buildings in PDR-1-D and PDR-1-G Districts 140735 No. 0267-14 07/15/14 01/15/16
Interim Prohibition on Commercial Mergers in the Proposed Calle 24 Special Use District 150584 No. 0133-15 08/04/15 09/18/15
Interim Controls for Massage Uses 141231 No. 0007-15 01/20/15 permanent controls adopted
Interim Controls Clarifying Definition of a Business Sign 140821 No. 0319-14 07/29/14 18 months - terminated upon adoption of permanent controls
Interim Controls for Upper Market NCT 130677 No. 0254-13 07/25/13 permanent controls adopted
Interim Zoning Controls for the Bayshore Corridor 091209 No. 0115-10 10/02/11 10/02/11
Interim Controls on Major Rights of Way Along & Near the Southern 19th Avenue Corridor 081004 No. 0457-08 11/07/08 05/01/10
Interim Moratorium on Enterprises that Sell Tobacco Paraphernalia 080065 No. 0064-08 04/14/08 05/29/08
Interim Moratorium on Institutional Uses in the Western SoMa 071534 No. 0280-07 12/18/07 02/02/08
Interim Zoning Controls Requiring CU for New Development in the Bernal Heights Brewster/Joy Neighborhood 071122 No. 0564-07 10/22/07 04/14/09