News August 24, 2020

Changes to Permit Submissions

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Beginning Monday, August 17, the Department of Building Inspection (DBI) and the Permit Center have temporarily limited the types of permits that may be submitted online through the digital permit submission process. The City is working to retool the system and make process improvements to increase efficiency.  Please see DBI’s website for more information
While these efforts are underway, and as part of our support for small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, San Francisco Planning has made some minor adjustments to help more projects, particularly small projects, complete the permitting process. We are now providing over-the-counter handling for additional types of Building Permit Applications, including those for:

  1. Construction on historic buildings that has received an Administrative Certificate of Appropriateness or Minor Permit to Alter;
  2. Changes of use that have received a Conditional Use Authorization from the Planning Commission; and
  3. Changes of use that do not involve any construction but require neighborhood notification. While this type of application will be handled using over-the-counter procedures to accelerate review by other City agencies, issuance of the neighborhood notice will require in-house processing by Planning.

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