Schematic of building
Rendering: David Baker Architects

Market and Colton Street Project

The Market and Colton Street project (also called the Plumbers Union, Brady Block, or Civic Center Hotel project) is located on Market Street just west of South Van Ness Avenue and is bordered by Brady, Colton, Stevenson, and 12th streets. It is included in the Market and Octavia Area Plan, a transit-rich area surrounding the intersection of Market Street with Haight, Gough, and Valencia streets.

This phased project is transforming the site from its previous mix of commercial buildings and surface parking lots into residential, retail, and office, and open space uses.

The project includes construction of five new buildings and renovation of the existing Civic Center Hotel:

  • UA Local 38 Building, 1621 Market Street – new union hall building

  • 1 Brady Street - new building with approximately 190 market-rate residential units

  • 1125 Stevenson Street – new building with approximately 64 market-rate residential units

  • 53 Colton Street – new building with 96 units of affordable supportive housing

  • 1629 Market Street – new building with approximately 185 market-rate residential units

  • Civic Center Hotel, 20 12th Street/1611 Market Street – renovation of existing building with 53 market-rate and 7 below-market-rate residential units

Phase 1 of the project is under construction and includes:

  • Union Hall and the residential buildings at 1 Brady Street

  • 1125 Stevenson Street, and

  • 53 Colton Street

which are scheduled for completion by late 2022.


  • Up to 595 residential units

  • 17% affordable housing units on site (103 units) with 96 units of supportive housing for formerly homeless residents

  • Also preserves 66 units of affordable housing at South Beach Marina Apartments

  • Addresses City housing needs: Construction of affordable housing on site and funding for off-site affordable housing is front-loaded in the project

Open Space

  • Publicly accessible, privately maintained on-site open space

  • New open spaces include Joseph P. Mazzola Gardens and a plaza and mid-block passages

Public Benefits

  • A workforce program focused on local hires, prevailing wages, and use of local businesses

  • Transportation and pedestrian improvements including Streetscape improvements on Colton, Stevenson, Brady, and 12th Streets

  • 273 bicycle parking spaces

  • 109 vehicle parking spaces in new below-grade parking structure