Image: SF Dept of Environment

San Francisco Climate Action Plan

This project is part of the Climate Resilience component of the Resilience and Sustainability program.

The Climate Action Plan 2020 Update is the City of San Francisco’s climate mitigation strategy, charting the best pathways of action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reach the targets of the Paris Agreement. In 2018, the City was directed to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 though four sub-goals: 0 waste, 80% sustainable trips (walking, biking, transit), 100% renewable energy, and urban greening for carbon sequestration. To avoid the worst impacts of global heating, the City is striving to meet these sub-goals by 2030.

This project is part of the Climate Resilience component of the Resilience and Sustainability program.

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) update process will put equity, racial justice, resilience, and a just economy at the core of climate action solutions. The effort will engage work and partnerships between city agencies, community members, local businesses, and technical experts. Critical updates will reflect the change in the City’s emission reduction goals; show how the CAP will integrate with Hazards and Climate Resilience efforts; highlight our commitment to equity and engagement; focus on accountability, implementation, and monitoring; clarify/update Department roles and responsibilities; signal our interest in exploring consumption-based emissions; and update key findings and definitions.

solar panels with view of downtown SF
Rooftop solar installations provide renewable electricity and resilience during power outages when paired with battery storage. PHOTO CREDIT: luminalt 1
concept image of Market Street streetscape
Market Street’s vision for supporting sustainable trips by walking, biking, transit. PHOTO CREDIT: SF Public Works

July 2019: The Focus 2030 Report was presented to the Board of Supervisors as part of the Climate Emergency Resolution actions. It consolidates the technical analysis conducted to understand San Francisco’s emissions inventory and what needs to be done in each sector to achieve a net-zero city by 2050. 

Ongoing (near-term): City staff and stakeholders are drafting an updated Chapter 9 of the Environment Code, which codifies the policy foundation for the 2020 CAP update and roles/responsibilities for its implementation. Chapter 9 was last updated in 2009. 

Ongoing: SF Environment is currently convening six sector-based working groups to discuss legislative proposals and gain insights on opportunities and challenges for implementation. They include transportation, new buildings, existing residential buildings, existing commercial buildings, existing municipal buildings, and consumption. These task forces are comprised of City staff (including San Francisco Planning), private sector builders-architects-engineers-owners, community organizations, and elected officials.

Fall 2020: Draft CAP anticipated.