aerial view rendering of Stonestown development
image: SITELAB Urban Studios


The Stonestown Development Project (Project) proposal is a mixed-use, multi-phased master-planned development located on the west side of San Francisco, immediately north of San Francisco State University, west of 19th Avenue, south of Eucalyptus Drive, and east of Lowell High School.

The approximately 43-acre privately-owned site is comprised of an 11-acre shopping center (Stonestown Galleria), 3 acres of streets, and 27 acres of surface parking lots.

The vast majority of the existing Stonestown Galleria would remain part of the future development, and the 27 acres of surface parking lots would be transformed into a predominantly residential neighborhood with up to 3,500 housing units and additional uses including parks and plazas, retail, community amenity space, office, and structured parking. The Project also proposes to make improvements to the street network, circulation, and utilities. Collectively, the existing shopping center and new uses would make up a new neighborhood or “Town Center”. 

Brookfield Properties (Project Sponsor) proposes to enter into a Development Agreement (DA) with the City accompanied by a site-specific rezoning of the property to include a Special Use District (SUD) that implements the project.

The sponsor filed the project application on December 1, 2021, which officially begins the project’s entitlement process, including its environmental and design review.

It is anticipated to take approximately 2+ years to complete the entitlement process, and construction would begin in 2024, as shown in the image below. The City and the sponsor would work together to ensure the project is developed with collaboration from residents and many other stakeholders .

  2019-2021 2021-2024 2024+
Massing Evolution Establish basic physical parameters for environmental review Create standards and guidelines for future design Design and coordinate architectural features with selected architects
Public Events Ongoing Community Conversations
  • Transportation
  • Affordable Housing
  • Design Updates
  • Other focus topics
  • Periodic Updates
Design and Entitlement Process
  • Discovery and Analysis
  • Visioning and Concept Plan
  • Environmental Review and Design Guidelines
  • Phased Construction
Milestone Preliminary Project Assessmentsee Supporting Info tab for details Project Approvalssee Supporting Info tab for details  

Planning Milestones and Documents

Information found here is related to the planning and approval process for the Stonestown project. For additional information related to community outreach conducted by the Project Sponsor, visit their website.

Date Description Materials
November 2023 DRAFT Documents Public Release (partial)
December 2022 Noticing and release of Draft Environmental Impact Report
October to November 2021 Submittal of Preliminary Project Assessment and review by the Planning Department

For questions or comments about the project, please contact:

Patrick Race
Senior Planner
 (628) 652-7461