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Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines for Environmental Review - Update

Project status: completed

To assist in the preparation of transportation impact studies, the department is issuing this update to the Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines. Comprehensive update released Feb 2019.

Impact Analysis Guidelines latest technical update October 2019 - see "Impact Analysis Guidelines" tab

Background technical studies support the conclusions of an environmental impact evaluation and guide decision-makers during project approval. The department periodically updates guidelines, and updates will occur approximately every four years, or more frequently as needed. The department comprehensively updated the guidelines February 14, 2019.

This comprehensive update was the result of an over two-year process that included input from several local and regional government agencies, consultants, the planning commission, and the public. 

March 2016 Planning Commission adopts resolution to use VMT and remove LOS
Fall 2016 Contracted with consultant for travel demand
  Data collection and research initiated
Summer 2017 Meeting with public agencies and consultants kick-off
Fall 2017 Formalized charter with partner agencies
  Planning Commission hearing and public survey
Winter 2017 Summary of Feedback released
Spring 2018 Consultant training and topic memos released
February 2019 Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines comprehensive released
October 2019 Technical update released (refer to Summary of Changes Memorandum, Appendix B)

This memo provides an overview of the primary changes made in this comprehensive guidelines update compared to prior guidelines. Refer to appendices for a list of technical updates (latest October 2019).

Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines

All files include technical updates in October 2019 unless otherwise indicated.

Individual Appendices