Last Updated: 02/06/2024

Permits in My Neighborhood

Find out about projects happening in your neighborhood.

Use this map if you received a Neighborhood Notification, Notice of Public Hearing, or to follow other permit activity.

Quick Lookup
  1. enter the project or notification address in the "Address, Neighborhood or Zip" field
  2. select the address as it appears in the dropdown
  3. click the dot(s) to view more details *
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* Dots are placed in the center of each parcel affected by the application. For larger or area parcels, e.g. Golden Gate Park or the Presidio, move the map to the center of the parcel to see the dot. View larger map here.

Other Features

  • Select Filters to limit the map by date or application type
  • Select Alerts to sign up for email alerts when new permits are filed in your neighborhood

Chapter 31 of the SF Administrative Code requires a clear timeline for appeals for California Environmental Quality Act documents.  Section 31.04 (h)contains the definitions for the approval action of projects and Section 31.16 outlines the process for appealing determinations.  To check if a project got Planning Commission approval or if the Planning Department issued a Planning Approval Letter for an entitlement, please visit the Property Information Map and search for related documents under a project’s record number(s) for more details.

To view a map of Building Permit Applications under review and approved by the Department of Building Inspections, select the "Building" label below the "Planning" label at the top right of the map (after an address search).

Note: this map is updated daily provides results on applications received since 2002 — "Last updated" shown at top of page refers to any changes made to this page, not the map or its contents.

Larger Map Here

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