Last Updated: 01/17/2020

Places for People Proposal and Permit Application Package

Places for People (P4P) permits are for time-limited or temporary projects in San Francisco’s streets and underutilized lots. In order to qualify for use of the permit, projects must be accessible to the public, involve a full-time stewardship entity that will also be the permit holder, and time-limited for up to twenty-four months. Permits may be extended for projects with stewards in good standing.

Note that certain aspects of your proposal, for example anything involving food vending or preparation onsite, will require separate permits through the Department of Public Health (DPH). You will be directed to DPH if needed.

Use this package as a reference to prepare all of the information and documents required for submittal. A complete Project Proposal must be submitted first. The proposal will be reviewed by the relevant City Departments. If the proposal is accepted, City Staff will work with you to refine the project. This may require you to revise these documents and submit them multiple times until they incorporate all of the City’s feedback.

You will then submit these documents with your Final Submittal: Permit Application, which consists of additional documents and forms.

The PDF version of this form is fillable. To save any text entered in the form, first download it to your computer or network drive (right-click or ctrl-click) then complete and save the file. If you fill out the form using only the browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc) the text is not retained. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer download the latest version here free of charge.