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Last Updated: 07/31/2019

Zoning Administrator (ZA) Bulletin 1: Developing Ground Floor Accessory Rooms In Residential Buildings

In order to allow property owners to efficiently and cost-effectively add livable space to their homes, but to hinder the creation of illegal residential units, proposals to develop ground-floor rooms in residential buildings shall be reviewed according to a set of standards summarized in the Matrix below. This ZA Bulletin is an overview of the standards that take into account 1) whether the building is proposed for new construction or is existing and proposed for alteration; 2) the type of access from the proposed rooms to the street and 3) the type of visual and spatial connection proposed between the ground floor rooms and rooms on the main floor of the unit (usually the floor above the ground floor).

Planning Department staff are available to advise you. For questions, you can call 415.558.6377, email pic@sfgov.org or visit the Planning Information Center (PIC) at 1660 Mission Street, First Floor, San Francisco, where planners are available to assist you.

Español: Si desea esta información en español, llame a 415.575.9010. Tenga en cuenta que el Departamento de Planificación requerirá al menos un día hábil para responder.

中文: 如果您需要中文信息,請致電415.575.9010。請注意,規劃部門需要至少一個工 作日來回應。

Tagalog: Kung nais mo ang impormasyong ito sa Filipino, mangyaring tawagan ang 415.575.9010. Mangyaring payagan ang Departamento ng Pagpaplano ng hindi bababa sa isang.

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