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Car-Share Program

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One of the challenges posed by new development is the increased number of privately-owned cars it brings to San Francisco's already congested neighborhoods. They place greater demands on the City's limited parking supply and often contribute to increased traffic congestion, transit delays, pollution, and noise. 

Car-sharing can mitigate the negative impacts of new development by reducing the rate of individual car-ownership per household, the average number of vehicle miles driven per household, and the total amount of automobile-generated pollution per household. 

Planning Code Section 166 requires certain development projects to provide dedicated car-share parking spaces. These spaces are either on the project’s site or an off-street site within 800 feet. These dedicated spaces must prioritize their use by a Certified Car-Share Organization and be made available  at no cost. For information on how to become a Certified Car-Share Organization, see the Certification tab.

In addition to required car-share parking spaces, a development project can create new voluntary car-share spaces. A voluntary car-share space is any non-required car-share space that is leased to a car-share organization for a fee and/or is not limited to use only by a Certified Car-Share Organization. Existing parking spaces may also be converted to voluntary parking spaces dedicated to car-share use.

For more information about the administration of car-share requirements, different types of car-share parking spaces, and guidelines for the physical configuration of car-share spaces, see Zoning Administrator Bulletin No. 6: Car-Share Requirements and Guidelines for Car-Share Spaces.

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The list linked below includes properties with approved car-share spaces required per Planning Code Section 166. These dedicated spaces must prioritize its use by a Certified Car-Share Organization and be made available at no cost.

For questions, you can call the Planning counter at 628.652.7300 or email where planners are able to assist you.

Español: Para información en Español llamar al 628.652.7550. Tenga en cuenta que el Departamento de Planificación necesitará al menos un día hábil para responder.

中文: 如果您需要中文的帮助, 请致电628.652.7550。请注意, 计划部门至少需要一个工作日才能做出回应。

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A Certified Car-Share Organization is any public or private entity that provides a membership-based car-share service to the public. It manages, maintains, and insures motor vehicles for shared use by individual and group members. The Certified Car-Share Organization must also meet the criteria and follow the process specified by Planning Code Section 166(b)(2). Car-share spaces may only satisfy the Code requirements if they are made available to Certified Car-Share Organizations at no cost.

To request certification, please follow the guidance for requesting a Zoning Letter of Determination and include the following: 

  1. Name of the Organization;
  2. Description of the organization and how its service meets that characteristics of Planning Section 166(b)(1); and
  3. A brief executive summary of the findings of the Certification Study that describes how two or more of the identified environmental performance measures are achieved. The Zoning Administrator may also consider certification study equivalencies.

For more details on the steps for requesting certification, see Zoning Administrator Bulletin No. 6: Car-Share Requirements and Guidelines for Car-Share Spaces.