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Southeast Rail Station Study

The Southeast Rail Station Study (SERSS) is exploring options for future station locations on the Caltrain corridor in southeastern San Francisco.

In the News

In partnership with Caltrain, the City of San Francisco is planning for the future of the Caltrain corridor between the existing 4th and King Station and the Bayshore Station.

The Electrification of Caltrain service is underway, which will bring more and cleaner train service to San Francisco. Future projects also include the future Pennsylvania Avenue Extension (PAX) tunnel that was adopted by the Mayor's Office and the Board of Supervisors at the conclusion of the Rail Alignment and Benefits Study in 2018.

The PAX tunnel is still under concept development and the final concept may require the redesign or relocation of the existing 22nd Street Station.



March 2020 Study Initiation
October 2021-January 2022 Public Outreach
May 12, 2022 Presentation at Planning Commission hearing
June 9, 2022 Community Meeting
July 2022 Presentation at Planning Commission hearing
July 2022 Presentation at San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board meeting
August 2022 Project Completion

Draft Plan Materials

Fall 2021 Workshop Summaries

Workshop Summaries

Please view our introductory video, which summarizes some of the information presented at the first round of outreach workshops.

Workshop Round 1 - Project Basics (October 2021)

Workshop Round 2 - Conversations About Locations (November 2021)

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