Last Updated: 03/08/2024

Central Waterfront Plan Monitoring Report 2006-2010

Publication date: February 2012

Under the Eastern Neighborhood Plan, the Central Waterfront Area Plan calls for the following:

  • maintaining Central Waterfront’s established character as mixed use, working neighborhood with strong ties to the city’s industrial economy;
  • strategically increasing housing in the Central Waterfront;
  • establishing a land use pattern that supports and encourages transit use, walking, and biking; and
  • connecting the neighborhood with its neighbors and the water’s edge, and improving the public realm so that it better supports new development and the residential and working population of the neighborhood.

This Central Waterfront Five-Year Monitoring Report, the first since the Plan’s adoption in 2008, covers office and retail development and employment trends; housing production and conversion trends; affordable housing; and project entitlement requirements and fees. In addition, this report also describes existing and planned infrastructure and other public benefit improvements.

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