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Implementing our Community Plans

Over the past several years, the Planning Department, in collaboration with community stakeholders, has developed and adopted several Area Plans to guide neighborhood growth and change, and imagine community improvements and programs 20 years into the future. As the Area Plan neighborhoods gain new residents and workers, there is an accompanying need for improved public infrastructure and amenities, such as parks, street improvements, transit and child care centers.

Citywide Nexus Study

The Citywide Nexus study presents the nexus analysis findings of new growth’s connection (nexus) to facilities for recreation and open space, childcare, streetscape and pedestrian infrastructure, and bicycle infrastructure.

Impact fee revenue has contributed to a wide variety of projects of different types and scales, while playing different funding roles for those projects.

They include funding major portions of new parks, such as:

Along with major park renovations, such as:

It has contributed to smaller ongoing community-based projects through:

It has funded new buses and light rail vehicles and contributed to street improvements for bicyclists, transit and pedestrians:

The revenue has gone to ongoing funding for child care centers in the Eastern Neighborhoods, SoMa, and Market Octavia. So far, the City has raised about $300M in impact fee revenue and expects to raise about $400M over the next ten years.

IPIC publishes a report each year to highlight and document ongoing progress in delivering community improvements as called out in the respective Area Plans (see Monitoring Plan Success tab).

The following reports provide snapshots of the success of certain Area Plans, assessing development patterns, impact fee projections, and capital projects.


Interagency Plan Implementation Committee (IPIC) Annual Report

San Francisco Capital Plan

Citywide Data and Analysis Reports
The Planning Department also publishes annual reports which cover annual housing production, commerce and industry, and downtown trends – see Data and Analysis Reports.

Monitoring Reports for Plan Areas

Market and Octavia

Eastern Neighborhoods

Other Plan Areas

  • Monitoring Reports Archive for:
    • Central Waterfront Plan
    • East SoMa Plan
    • Mission Plan
    • Showplace Square/Potrero Hill Plan
    • Western SoMa Plan