Last Updated: 04/18/2019

Department Facilitated Pre-Application Meeting

The Pre-Application Community Outreach Process is required prior to submitting permits or land use application for projects with certain scopes of work, as outlined below:

  • Projects subject to 311 Notification that include:
    • New Construction;
    • Any vertical addition of 7 feet or more;
    • Any horizontal addition of 10 feet or more;
    • Decks over 10 feet above grade or within the required rear yard;
  • All Formula Retail uses subject to a Conditional Use Authorization;
  • Community Business Priority Processing (CB3P); and
  • Projects in PDR-1-G Districts subject to Section 313.

The Project Sponsor may opt to have a Planning Department Facilitated Pre‐Application Meeting instead of a meeting on or proximate to the proposed project site. The meeting will be held at the Planning Department during regular business hours for one hour. The Project Sponsor is required to perform the mailing and noticing requirements as outlined in the Pre-Application packet. A planner will attend to answer questions about the Planning Code and review process, but will not discuss the Department’s position on the proposal.

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