The San Francisco General Plan is the embodiment of the City's vision for the future, serving to guide evolution and growth over time. It provides a comprehensive set of objectives and policies that influence how we live, work, and move about, as well as the quality and character of the City. The General Plan reflects community values and priorities through its public adoption process, ensuring both private development and public action conform to this vision.

The General Plan helps shape our daily lives, respond to today’s big challenges, and lead us to a more equitable, sustainable, and healthy future that enables all San Franciscans to thrive.

We are initiating several General Plan updates to respond to the many complex and pressing challenges facing San Francisco, including:
  • Where and how much housing will get built? Who will it serve?
  • How will we move about the city safely and reliably?
  • How can we prepare for and mitigate the impacts of coming climate-related and other disasters?
  • How can we promote health in communities of color and low-income communities that face higher pollution and other health risks?
  • How do we cultivate inclusive communities where all members have the resources they need to thrive?

Robust and meaningful public outreach and engagement of all San Franciscans is essential. Please sign up for our mailing list to learn how to engage and share your thoughts for how to address San Francisco’s current and future challenges!


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Joshua Switzky
Acting Director of Citywide Policy