Community Plans & Major Development Projects

This project is part of the Sustainable Neighborhoods component of the Resilience and Sustainability program.

San Francisco is committed to renewable energy, efficiency goals, and green infrastructure projects to protect our residents from our changing climate.  Today, more than ever, it is important that we leverage each investment in our built environment to enhance neighborhood health, reduce resource use, and protect people and assets from our changing climate.

San Francisco Planning is actively working with neighborhoods and project sponsors on major development projects on identifying infrastructure investments and improvements that can help create a resilient neighborhood. 

Each of the following projects have either a sustainability document or chapter. To view the sustainable neighborhood plan for these projects, please visit the project webpage.

Potrero Power Station and the Balboa Reservoir development projects have been incorporating the Sustainable Neighborhood Framework into their project designs and approval documents. This framework was applied to the newly approved amendments to the Market-Octavia Plan and The Hub. To view the Sustainable Neighborhood Framework plan for these projects, visit the project’s webpage.