Last Updated: 08/16/2020

Wireless Conditional Use Authorization Supplemental

A Project Application must be completed and/or attached prior to submitting this Supplemental Application. See the Project Application for instructions.

Wireless Telecommunication Services (WTS) Facilities subject to the WTS Guidelines and this checklist include antennas which both receive and transmit radio signals, telecommunications relay stations, or other similar structures which transmit voice, video or data.

This checklist applied to projects located in a zoning district where a WTS facility is conditionally permitted, and the proposal is a new WTS facility, or consists of increasing the number f antennas for an existing WTS facility. To verify zoning district please use the San Francisco Property Information Map.

The Planning Department will make every effort to improve the aesthetic impact of existing sites whenever possible. Project Review for individual sites is strongly recommended.

  1. Complete the intake appointment form.
  2. Contact intake coordinator to schedule an appointment at
  3. After formal submittal, email all materials to
  4. The project will be assigned and comments will be provided within 30 days upon receipt of the submittal email.
  5. Applications submitted via email outside of business hours/days will be considered submitted the next business day.
  6. Once application is deemed complete, the project will be scheduled for a hearing before the Planning Commission and noticing will be required.


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