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Sunnydale HOPE SF

Project status: ongoing

Sunnydale HOPE SF includes the complete rebuilding of the existing Sunnydale-Velasco Housing Authority site through the City's HOPE SF Program, and will consist of approximately 1,770 residential units (775 replacement affordable units, approximately 200 additional affordable housing units, and approximately 694 market rate units). The master plan also includes all new streets, utilities, and infrastructure, as well as 3.5 acres of new open spaces and approximately 60,000 square feet of new neighborhood-serving retail and community spaces. The Sunnydale HOPE SF Project was approved by the Board of Supervisors on January 31, 2017.

Development Process

Because Sunnydale HOPE SF is a long-term, multi-phase project that will include the construction of new streets, park, and other community improvements in conjunction with new buildings, the City of San Francisco has entered into a Development Agreement (or "DA") with the Master Developer, Sunnydale Development Co., LLC, and the San Francisco Housing Authority, the current owner of the site.

The Development Agreement is a legally-binding contract between the City and the Master Developer and lays out the obligations of the Master Developer and the City to realize the project's vision. This document establishes the overall framework for the project and the public benefits identified by the City, in exchange for a guarantee of the right of the Developer to building the basic project in accordance with the Plan documents.

The Planning Code, through the creation of a Special Use District ("SUD"), establishes the core land use regulations for Sunnydale HOPE SF related to acceptable land uses, building height limits, bulk limits setback requirements, open space for dwelling units, and parking. It also establishes the process for review and approval of specific building projects and land uses throughout the project's implementation.

The Plan Documents, particularly the Design Standards and Guidelines (DSG), supplement the regulations included in the Special Use District.

What is HOPE SF?

HOPE SF will completely rehabilitate four of the City's Housing Authority sites:

The sites will provide a mix of housing types and income levels, along with community serving uses and services, while maintaining the affordability of the existing sites. Find out more information about HOPE SF.

The DA and SUD lay out a review process for approving infrastructure and buildings as they become ready for construction in the future. "Phase Application" review and approval is required prior to the approval of any construction for either buildings or infrastructure (new streets, parks and open space, and utilities).

Documents for Phase approval and Design Review approval are provided below as they become available for public review.

Phase Application

The Phase application review process will assure that the overall Sunnydale development complies with the terms of the DA and that the design of buildings and of community improvements are well coordinated. Design Review Application review and approval is required prior to the Planning Department's approval of any building permits.